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Landon started up his first channel, LandonMC (which is now Landon) back in April 2014, and mainly posted Minecraft videos, His cousin, Preston started YouTube before him, and Landon was inspired by him to make Minecraft. His channel was mainly Minecraft for awhile, untill Landon started up vlogs on the channel. The vlogs did not do well for awhile, and Landon dropped vlogging. On March 18, 2016, Landon finally set up a facecam, and he continued on. On January 27, 2018. Landon announced that he was deleting his channel. However, this was not a full channel deletion. Landon was just giving up Minecraft, and was setting up his channel to be a Fortnite daily uploader.

LandonRB Edit

On May 28, 2017. Landon announced on his main channel, that he was setting up a new channel, called LandonRB (now known as Landon 2). He mostly posts Roblox videos on the channel. This sparked a Subspike, which then, in July 2017, Landon posted his first video on the channel. The video reached over 100K views in the first day. Landon does daily uploads, and sometimes does collabs. On January 1, 2019, Landon announced that he would be changing the name of his roblox channel to "Landon - lol", making his second channel an all gaming channel.

Minecraft Channel Deletion Edit

Minecraft Channel Deletion

On January 27, 2018, Landon announced that he was deleting the channel LandonMC. He states that "he's been neglecting the channel", "not uploading as much", etc. However, he confirmed that it was not a full channel deletion, and it was "changing the identity of the channel forever." He now posts Fortnite videos every other day on the channel, now named Landon.

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